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Poly V Belt
Poly V Belt

Product Details

Ribbed V Belts:

With characters of V belts and flat belts, Poly V-Ribbed Belt has soft and tough property as flat belt and tight and effective property as V belt.

1. The transmission power is so high that 30% higher than common V belts at the same space.
2. With tight transmission system, at the same transmission power, its occupied space is 25% smaller than common V belt.
3. Flat and soft belt is suitable for not only transmission of small pulley but also high-speed transmission with speed of 40M/S 
besides; its characteristics as few heat diverge and steady working.

4. Anti-hear, anti-oil, anti-wearing out, few elongation and long life.


* Neoprene body provides protection against oil, grease, heat and aging.

* Glass Fiber cord provides high strength, good flexing performance, and low elongation.


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