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What is the synchronous belt

Annular transmission cross section is rectangular or approximately rectangular area equidistanttransverse tooth belt.

Synchronous belt transmission refers to the use of synchronous belt tooth and synchronous belt wheel gear tooth meshing transmission power, from this point and the principle of chaintransmission is similar: rely on the chain and the sprocket teeth meshing transmission power, but the chain drive the instantaneous velocity is changing, and the synchronous belt line speed is constant. More accurate delivery, both the advantages and the gear transmission with the advantages of transmission friction: low noise, accurate transmission, and can not be more than three reach: the belt wheel not only heat treatment can achieve better wear resistance. Of course, it also has disadvantages: with long options subject to manufacturers of conventional production, because with a long pitch, it must be an integer multiple of the pitch, but not to any integer multiple of the product.

The basic parameters of synchronous belt is pitch, is defined in terms of linear distancesymmetrical longitudinal section of tension on the adjacent two tooth line, pitch modulusequivalent gear transmission. Pitch * tooth number = pitch length, pitch line refers to anytransmission conditions are maintained with either of the weekly, basically the pitch line on thespecific synchronous belt, it is with bearing layer, bearing layer to keep belt pitch unchanged,and bear the power transfer and take a band observed from the lateral or longitudinal sectionobservation, can see a layer (longitudinal section can sometimes see a row of a few lines) nonrubber material, known as the core, this is the bearing layer. Manufacturing belt must use themold, manufacturing of synchronous wheel with gear, special tools of the corresponding pitch.Synchronization with a single tooth and double-sided two.

Synchronization with the standard of China included: Trapezoidal toothed synchronous belt,circular arc tooth synchronous belt, modular system synchronous belt, as well as other typessuch as automotive synchronous belt, a semicircular arc tooth synchronous belt. In general,more trapezoidal teeth and arc gear synchronous application. Trapezoidal toothed synchronous belt is inch size, the pitch in inches and the MXL\XXL\XL\L\H\XH\XXH seven specifications, with a long and bandwidth inch by inch code. Arc tooth synchronous belt is metric size, pitch in mm,with a long and bandwidth in mm, pitch 3M/5M/8M/14M/20M five specifications. Arc tooth compared to the trapezoidal tooth, the tooth root stress concentration, the same conditions canget the smaller size of the structure, but its difficult to manufacture than the trapezoidal tooth.

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