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Overview and classification of synchronous belt

We call the synchronous belt is a wire rope or glass fiber reinforced layer, covered with a polyurethane synchronous belt or neoprene timing belts, belt within weeks made dentate, and the toothed belt wheel.

Synchronous belt drive, accurate drive ratio, the axial force is small, compact structure, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, anti aging performance is good, the general use of temperature -20- 80 , v<50m/s, P<300kw, i<10, requirements for concurrent transmission can also be used for low speed transmission.

Synchronous belt drive is composed of an inner peripheral surface of a pitch tooth ring belt andthe corresponding fit round. It combines the advantages of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive with their respective. Rotation, to transmit power through a toothed wheel alveolar meshing.Synchronous belt drive has accurate transmission ratio, no slip, can obtain a constant speed ratio, stable transmission, can absorb the vibration, low noise, large transmission ratio range,generally up to 1:10. Allow the line speeds of up to 50M/S, transfer power from a few watts tohundreds of kilowatts. The transmission efficiency is high, can reach 98%, compact structure,suitable for multi axis drive, no lubrication, no pollution, and therefore can not allow bad pollution and working environment of the normal work place. This product is widely used in mechanical transmission of textile, tobacco, communication cable, light industry, chemical industry,metallurgy, instrumentation equipment, food, mining, oil, automotive and other industries of various types of.

(1) the transmission is accurate, work without sliding, the transmission ratio is constant;

(2) the transmission is steady, has the buffering and damping capability and low noise;

(3) the transmission efficiency is high, up to 0.98, and obvious energy saving effect;

(4) easy maintenance, no need of lubrication, low maintenance cost;

(5) large speed ratio range, generally up to 10, line speeds of up to 50m/s, with larger power transmission range, up to a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts;

(6) can be used for long distance transmission center distance can reach more than 10m.

The toothed cutting and crushing;

with side, tooth wear, wrap cloth stripping;

The bearing layer of elongation, the pitch increases, the formation of tooth interference,climbing gear;

The impact and over load so that the belt body fracture.

Trapezoidal toothed synchronous belt

Trapezoidal toothed synchronous belt sub sided teeth and teeth two kinds of double-sided,single-sided and double-sided tape is referred to as. Double belt according to the tootharrangement is divided into symmetrical tooth type (code DA) and staggered tooth type (code DB.

Two sizes of trapezoidal toothed synchronous with: pitch system and modular system. Our country adopts the pitch system, and according to ISO 5296 made synchronous belt drive the corresponding standard GB/T 11361 ~ 11362-1989 and GB/T 11616-1989.

Arc tooth synchronous belt

Arc tooth synchronous belt tooth profile curve in addition, its structure and trapezoidal toothed synchronous belt is basically the same, with pitch, and the teeth, tooth thickness and fillet radiusthan the trapezoidal teeth. With the teeth after loading, stress distribution is better, even thetooth root stress concentration, improve the bearing capacity of the teeth. The arc tooth synchronous belt than trapezoidal toothed synchronous belt transmission power, and can prevent the interference of tooth in meshing process.

Arc tooth synchronous belt with good wear resistance, small noise when working, no need of lubrication, and can be used for dust environment.

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